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RI Du Pont

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  • Pablo Scolnik Dupont Experimental Station

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RI Du Pont lines

A population of Arabidopsis thaliana recombinant inbred lines was constructed from a cross between marker line W100 (maternal) and the ecotype Wassileskija (WS) as described in Reiter et al., 1992. The marker line w100 (Koornneef et al. 1987) carries nine phenotypic markers (an, ap-1, er, py, hy-1, gl-1, bp, cer-2, tt3). This RI population was used to develop a high-density genetic linkage map containing 252 random amplified polymorphic DNA markers and 60 previously mapped restriction fragment length polymorphisms. Linkage groups were correlated to the classical genetic map by inclusion of nine phenotypic markers in the mapping cross.

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N2225 Complete set of RI Du Pont View set contents


  • Koornneef, M. et al. 1987. Arabid. Inf. Serv. (Frankfurt am Main) 23: 46-50.